Seminary Governance And Administration

Seminary Community

The Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar is a Christian institution for training ordained Ministers of the Word and Sacraments for the NKST Church, and to provide the Biblical, theological, personal and spiritual foundations that are required of pastors, chaplains and teachers for faithful ministry in today’s world. The Seminary is made up of the Governing Board, Faculty Board, staff and students who are members of the Seminary community.

The Visitor or Proprietor

The NKST Synod is the Visitor to the Seminary for which the Governing Board stands proxy. The Visitor has powers to conduct a visitation of the Seminary at any time.

The Governing Board

The Governing Board is the supreme governing body of the Seminary charged with the responsibilities of policy decisions which have financial implications, the general management of the Seminary affairs, and in particular, the control of the property and expenditure of the Seminary. The Board, therefore, has powers to do anything which in its opinion, is calculated to facilitate the carrying on of the constitution and conduct of the Seminary. However, the decisions of the Board are subject to approval by the NKST Synod. They are;

  • Rev. M. T. IvuChairman
  • Rev. Professor Emmanuel Ordue Usue Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Akule Mtsem Member
  • Mr. E. N. JirgbaMember
  • Dr. E. I. AyilamoMember
  • Rev. S. T. IgyorMember
  • Rev. A. O. PeverMember
The Rector

The Rector is the Chief Executive and Academic Head of the Seminary. He is vested with the responsibility of directing and supervising the activities of the Seminary and for that purpose he is advised and assisted by the Deputy Rector, Deans, Heads of Departments including Principal Officers namely: The Registrar, Bursar and Librarian.


Rev. J. T. Weor, Ph.D.-RTS
Rev. J. T. Weor, Ph.D.


Rev. P. I. Orngu
Rev. P. I. Orngu

Deputy Rector

Rev. Isaac Asongo Ngobua
Rev. I. A. Ngobua


Orbura Ter Amos
Orbura Ter Amos


Rev. Tersur Amene
Rev. Tersur Amene


Director Women School
Rev Samuel Dugeri

Director, Women School