The Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar

The Contribution of Mbaitsoughve to the Development Of NKST & The Community

Rose Mba Ikyo, Ph.D
Educational and Management College of Education, Katsina-Ala


Mbaitsoughve literary means the chosen. In the real sense of the word, Mbaitsoughve is a composition of all pastors' wives of NKST Churches worldwide. Mbaitsoughve also embraces delegates from various classis Of NKST. Who could be pastors' wives or women leaders of various churches. The body has the following offices; Women Leader and Assistant Women Leader, Secretary and Assistant Secretary. Treasurer. Assistant Treasurer, Adviser and All these offices are occupied by pastors' wives except those in the assisting capacity can be occupied by laywomen.

The body holds its Annual National Meetings every second week of October it conducts Refresher Course for all pastors' wives once in every tm years. Mbaitsoughve also organizes evangelical outreaches on yearly basis from consistory through classis to national level. In collaboration with TEKAN Women Fellowship (A Christian women body of 15 Protestant denominations having similar doctrine) carries out evangelical outreaches in different parts of Nigeria, annually.

Objectives, Vision and Mission of Mbaitsoughve

The Objectives of Mbaitsoughve are as follows; to serve the Lord Almighty, showing his love to fellow human beings as stipulated variously in the Bible thus; for ye serve the Lord. Colossians 3:24, love the Lord God with all your soul. Matthew 22:37-40, love your neighbour Colossians 5:14. The programme of this body is to minister to women and all people to become Christians. While its mission is to help men and women denounce any dance not to God's glory, refuse to sell and take beer and alcoholic drinks, denounce witchcrafts, sorcery, and idol worship, not to sell or buy on Sunday, denounce immodest and indecent dressing and adultery, denounce all acts that do not give glory to God.

Brief History of Mbaitsoughve NKST as a church was established in Tiv land by the Dutch Reformed Church in With Rev. Botha and Rev. Guinter as pioneers. They started mission stations at Sai. Zaki-Biarn, Sev-Av, Mkar and Mbaakon amongst others, from this period onward, missionary activities spread throughout Tiv land with many mission stations. The missionaries (both white and black) operated within the framework of a constituted authority called ‘Mbaitsoughve’, involving only men as from 1940.

Women within NKST mission stations were also holding series upon series of Bible study and prayer meetings. They organized meetings for evangelical progress too. By 1941 Mbaitsoughve permitted women to operate as a church organization (NKST Women Fello"hip). Miss M. Dupreez became the first women leader in the same year Mrs. Yana Akighirga took over from her in 1954, and Agbalun Ugoo Yoo succeeded her in 1957. In the same year NKST Church was established at Mkar, it then became necessary for the Fellowship to be headed by a pastors’ Wife, and Atese Nginan Nevkaa became the women leader in 1958, with Atese Kuver Isholibo as treasurer, and Mba Ndur was chosen as secretary, in the same 1958, the name Mbaitsoughve was changed to Synod, which is the highest ruling body in NKST to the present day, Synod then gave Women Fellowship the mandate to use the name Mbaitsoughve as a constituted authority in Women Fellowship Organization.

Mbaitsoughve operates within the realm of its consistories and classis. Currently, there are 389 consistories and 64 classis within NKST. The body has many sources of income. Income generation is usually obtained from members of the various consistories within classis. The members pay their dues under the followings sub-heads: tomsule (farm work), in which each member pays N1, 500.00 and above, as deemed by her consistory, annual registration fee of N500.00 and above, annual prayer day offering, a minimum of N10, 000.00 and monthly prayer subscription, according to the strength of the consistory Another income comes from the sale of bye-laws and constitutions to members.

The body equally generates income from accommodation in the NKST Women Fellowship Guest House and from a hostel built at the outskirt of the Guest House, when the money is gathered in the different consistories, it is sent to the classes concerned which in turn pay into the organizations account before the annual national meeting of Mbaitsoughve in October. This income generation is the yardstick for Mbaitsoughve's contributions to NKST and the larger community.


Mbaitsoughvés contributions are analysed based on the period between 2012 and 2018. They are viewed in different areas.


The aim of Mbaitsoughve on evangelical work is to win souls for Jesus Christ The body organizes and carries out annual evangelical outreaches at local and national levels. During the outreach, items donated by members are supplied to the multitudes to whom the gospel is being preached Items such as Bibles. Hymn books and Catechism textbooks, other items include clothes, exercise books, biros, toiletries etc.

In addition to the above, Mbaitsoughve aids mission stations of NKST worldwide either in cash or kind to enhance their evangelism. It purchased a motorcycle for an evangelist at NKST Imboh Mission Station (Cross River State), under Ikyaave Classis. It donates money to all mission stations within and outside Nigeria (Ghana and Chad Republic) The Bible Society of Nigeria has benefited from the financial assistance of Mbaitsoughve for the progress of the society. Various departments of NKST are beneficiaries of Mbaitsoughvés revenue.

It gives financial assistance to NKST Media Services to promote its evangelical work. At the Reformed Theological Seminary. Mkar, a classroom block has been constructed for women school. The completion of NKST Secretariat was also done With Mbaitsoughve's financial assistance. It renovated lavatories at RBC Harga. All these are done in addition to the annual financial Support it gives often.

Other departments, such as the Boys Brigade, the Cir's' Brigade also do benefit from Mbaitsoughve's yearly income. At Gboko Prisons Mbaitsoughve conducts evangelical outreach in line with the supply of foodstuffs and other items yearly.

Charity Work

This service is focused on NKST Orphanage, Mkar. Gboko Prisons and less privilege people in different parts of Nigeria. At the orphanage, many financial projects have been carried out. Two boreholes have been drilled, beds and mattresses, deep freezers with many cooking utensils are also purchased.

The orphans' hostel has been renovated. Food stuffs and other items such as clothes, toiletries and a host of others are usually supplied to the orphans and staff members on yearly basis.

Hospital bills are paid for sick people especially the less privileged. It is currently treating Iwuese Kpelogo from NKST Kpanenge. Mama Atese Ade from NKST Anwase, to mention Just a few. A wheel chair has been bought and donated to Kumater Apetalia.

Community Service

Under community service, Mbaitsoughve has contributed a lot At NKST Cir's' secondary school Uavande, it drilled a borehole, bought mowing machine and is currently putting up rain meter around the school. At University of Mkar, Mkar. Mbaitsoughve renovated the Vice Chancellor's Lodge and has purchased seven vehicles for the University at NKST Mbaamandev Rehabilitation Hospital. It purchased bed sheets. In 2018, Mbaitsoughve visited refugees’ camps at Abagena, Anyiin with food items, clothes and toiletries.